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Inspirational status for girls

Inspirational status for girls -Although it’s great to be a girl, most of the time they have to deal with harmful gender discrimination that puts them behind. T

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Facebook bio for introvert

Facebook bio for introvert –  I’m just giving in to the power of solitude, not ignoring you. My silence conveys more information than any words could. Introvert: reserving speech for important occasions.

bengali status - bio for facebook in bengali

bengali status – bio for facebook in bengali

bengali-shayari – “হতে পার তুমি মন থেকে দূরেতবুও,রয়েছো মোর নয়ন পুরেহয়তো তুমি নেই এই হৃদয়ে,তবুও রয়েছো পরশের-ই ভিতরে।কারণ, ভালবাসি শুধুই তোমারে।”