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Ozzy osbourne net worth – John Michael “Ozzy Osbourne” is an English singer, songwriter, and television personality who was born on December 3, 1948. He rose to fame in the 1970s as the lead vocalist for Black Sabbath, a heavy metal band, and was given the nickname “Prince of Darkness” at that time.

Born at Marston Green, Osbourne grew up in Birmingham. He became a founding member of Black Sabbath in 1968, and from the band’s self-titled debut album in 1970 until its Never Say Die! LP in 1978, he provided lead vocals. With their critically acclaimed albums Master of Reality, Paranoid, and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, the band particularly contributed to the evolution of heavy metal music. Due to his drinking and drug problems, Osbourne was fired from Black Sabbath in 1979. With Blizzard of Ozz, Osbourne began a successful solo career in 1980. 13 studio albums have been released by Osbourne to date, the first seven of which have received multi-platinum certification in the US. Black Sabbath and Osbourne have rejoined several times since then. Following their reunion, He was involved in the making of the group’s final studio album, 13 (2013), when they got back together in 1997. Following that, the group embarked on a farewell tour, which ended with a concert in their home city of Birmingham in February 2017. Because of his career and accomplishments, he is sometimes referred to as the “Godfather of Metal” unofficially.

1. Childhood

Osbourne was born in the Maternity Hospital at Marston Green, near Coleshill, in England. He grew up in the Aston district of Birmingham. His mother, Lilian (née Unitt; 1916–2001), was a non-observant Catholic who put in long hours at a Lucas plant. John Thomas “Jack” Osbourne, a toolmaker with the General Electric Company (1915–1977), worked nights. Osbourne has three older sisters, Jean, Iris, and Gillian, and two younger brothers, Paul and Tony. The family lived in a modest two-bedroom home at 14 Lodge Road in Aston. Osbourne went by “Ozzy” when he was in elementary school.Osbourne had dyslexia and failed academically.


Sabbath Black

When he formed Rare Breed towards the end of 1967, Geezer Butler invited Osbourne on board as the main vocalist.The group broke up after just two performances. Osbourne and Butler reunited with drummer Bill Ward and guitarist Tony Iommi, whose group Mythology had just broken up, to form Polka Tulk Blues. The group became known as Earth. However, they renamed the group again, choosing Black Sabbath in August 1969 after they were inadvertently scheduled for a performance instead of another group with the same name. The band’s name was inspired by the film of the same name. Black Sabbath saw how much people loved being terrified during their concerts, so they decided to play a heavy blues type of music mixed with dismal noises and lyrics.While they were making their debut album, Butler read an esoteric book, and when he woke up, he saw a shadowy figure at the end of his bed. Butler told Osbourne this, and the two worked together to write their debut song, “Black Sabbath,” in a darker manner.

Despite minimal investment from the band’s American record company, Warner Bros. Records, Black Sabbath gained immediate and sustained popularity. With Tony Iommi’s guitar riffs, Geezer Butler’s lyrics, Bill Ward’s gloomy tempo drumbeats, and Ozzy Osbourne’s creepy vocals, their debut album Black Sabbath and Paranoid was both commercially successful and often played on radio stations. Osbourne does recall, though, that “the band wasn’t very popular with the women in those days.”


In 1978, Osbourne took a three-month hiatus from the group to concentrate on a solo endeavor he had given the name Blizzard of Ozz—a term his father had proposed.For a brief period, Osbourne’s solo band consisted of three ex-members of Necromandus, a band that had opened for Sabbath in Birmingham under the name Earth. They supported Osbourne in the studio. At the request of the other band members, Osbourne rejoined Sabbath. The group spent five months writing and recording Never Say Die!, their new album, at Sounds Interchange Studios in Toronto. In reference to Never Say Die!, “It took quite a long time,” Iommi said. We were getting very stoned out and smoking a lot of drugs. We would arrive to the sessions and, due to our extreme inebriation, we would have to leave. We were all over the place, everyone was playing a separate game, and nobody could get anything right. We would return, get some rest, and try again the following day.

In May 1978, Black Sabbath launched their Never Say Die! tour, with Van Halen as the opening act. Critics lauded Van Halen’s “youthful” performance, noting that it contrasted sharply with Sabbath’s “tired and uninspired” set. Van Halen was on their first international tour.The band’s video, Never Say Die, was released following their June 1978 Hammersmith Odeon show. Osbourne’s final tour performance, which took place in Albuquerque, New Mexico on December 11, also marked the end of her seven-year, until 1985, partnership with Black Sabbath.

NameOzzy Osbourne
First NameOzzy
Last NameOsbourne
OccupationMetal Singer
BirthdayDecember 3
Birth Year1948
Place of BirthAston
Home TownEngland
Birth CountryUnited Kingdom
Birth SignSagittarius
Full/Birth Name
FatherDon Arden (Father In Law), Jack Osbourne
MotherLillian Osbourne
Sister(s)Gillian, Iris, Jean
Brother(s)Tony, Paul
SiblingsNot Available
SpouseSharon Osbourne , Thelma Riley
Children(s)Kelly Osbourne, Aimee Osbourne, Jack Osbourne, Jessica Starshine Osbourne, Elliot Kingsley, Louis Osbourne

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