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Life emotional shayari in english – There come moments when our heart wants to speak words that will break our heart. Check out these heartbreaking situations; If there is fire in the heart then things seem like our own. Allow these heartwarming messages, quotes and status updates to express your feelings on your behalf. You can either show them what they did to your feelings or share these with the person who made you feel better.

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Heart Broken status messages that you can use:

  1. Please, dear heart, stop interfering in everything. Pumping blood is your job, so don’t shy away from it.
  2. Even after leaving your hearts, there are some people who will never really leave your hearts.
  3. Do you realize that people who appear to be strong actually have a very sensitive heart and are susceptible?
  4. You still have my unwavering love. But no amount of regrets will bring me back.
  5. There is pain in every heart. The difference is only in the way of expression. Some people hide it with their smile, while others hide it with their eyes.
  6. Choosing to stay and give it your all or pack up your memories and move on is one of the hardest decisions you will ever have to make.
  7. Give me my heart; Feel free to break it down.
  8. Sometimes, it is necessary to follow your logic to protect your emotions.
  9. Even though I know you’d be better off without me, I’m finding it hard to convince myself of that.
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500+ Best Emotional 2 lines heart broken shayari in hindi Emotional Sad Shayari in Hindi Heart broken Shayari

What is a heartfelt line?

Heart Touching Lines for Love in English

Distance doesn’t matter, particularly when you know that your hearts are connected. When your dreams are finally more realistic than your reality and you find yourself unable to sleep, you know you are in love. You are a part of my heart, blood, and bones. It would take all of my strength to let you go.

Trust shayari messages that you can use:

  • The difference between us was that I told the truth when I said, “I love you.”
  • Being broke is something I hate. I hate not being able to go back.
  • This is when you have to smile while hiding the tears in your eyes!
  • Knowing that you’re not struggling to keep me hurts more than actually losing you.
  • Like broken ribs, there is a broken heart. Even if the damage is invisible, every breath hurts.
  • If you fall in love, prepare yourself for tears!
  • It hurts to breathe because every breath I take is proof that I can’t survive without you.
  • But one day you will truly realize that the time you spent with me was the most wonderful time of your life.
  • A smiling face is visible to everyone, but a broken heart is invisible.
  • No person in love should be considered unhappy. Unreturned love is not without its rainbow.
  • You took my heart, you broke it, and now you’ve left it shattered.
  • Knowing that I had you once and then lost you, that’s the part that hurts me the most.

Status messages for boyfriend and girlfriend

  1. Caring for someone you love becomes second nature. Everyone longs for their special someone’s care, whether or not they express it to you. It makes your partner’s day and expresses your love for them when you post a thoughtful text dedicated to them. Make your loved one feel special by posting one of the loving and caring status updates listed below.
  2. I would stop at nothing to keep your smile safe because it is my most valuable possession.
  3. I may not be the ideal companion, but I will do everything in my power to love and care for you.
  4. Taking care of you feels like a habit that I could never break, no matter how hard I tried.
  5. My affection and care are packaged in my love for you. The price you pay for it is to be mine.
  6. I will take care of you until the day I die, so you don’t need to worry about taking care of yourself anymore, baby. I cherish you!
  7. I think about you almost constantly, to put it mildly. That demonstrates how much I care.

What are heartfelt quotes about love?

Romantic Love Quotes For Him

  • “When all you want for someone else’s happiness is theirs, even though you’re not a part of it, you know it’s love.” – …
  • “You want the rest of your life to begin as soon as you decide you want to spend it with someone for the rest of your days.” – …
  • “Please accept my love.
  • It’s you, baby.

Broken Heart trust shayari messages:

  • Having words inside you that you are unable to express is one of the hardest things in life.
  • Avoid making someone your entire world because then everything you have will be gone.
  • A broken heart is a gift from God. This way he tells you that he saved you from the wrong person.
  • By smiling you can hide your inner brokenness from others.
  • With time you will forget me, but I will love you even more.
  • While some people unknowingly step on my feet and apologize, some people walk over my heart without knowing.
  • Although he is worthless in my eyes, he is precious in my heart.
  • Sometimes it is necessary for people to cry themselves dry to make room for a joyful heart.
  • When someone makes you cry, why waste your tears on him?
  • You still have my unwavering love. But no amount of regrets will bring me back.
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500+ Best Emotional 2 lines heart broken shayari in hindi Emotional Sad Shayari in Hindi Heart broken Shayari

What are emotional lines of love?

Nothing is quite as lovely as being utterly and passionately in love with someone. True love is greater than the mountains and goes deeper than the seas. It discovers every crevice in our hearts and brings us the utmost happiness.

Love Trust shayari messages that you can use:

  1. When all you want for someone is for them to be happy – even if it means staying away from them – then you know they’re the one you truly love.
  2. Even if you are not with him, your heart is content knowing him, even if your mind is sad.
  3. It’s possible that sometimes you need to share your true feelings and not just what you think others want to hear.
  4. Being alone is better than making silent sacrifices for people who will never understand how you feel.
  5. Don’t worry if someone breaks you emotionally! You will get treatment from someone else. After that they will break you too. cruel world. Embrace it.
  6. A broken heart is a gift from God. This is simply his way of letting you know that you were saved by the wrong person.
  7. I promise to stay in your heart forever, so please hold me if there ever comes a time when we are unable to be together.
  8. I won’t feel sorry for myself anymore. If you are so foolish as to leave, I will be wise enough to let you go.
  9. I tell myself that my relationship with you is over, even though I once loved you with all my heart. After that, when I look at you I tell myself I’m lying.
  10. I still love you even though you treat me like garbage for no reason. Please stop breaking my heart. I just want to love you.
  11. My heart still cries, though my eyes do not cry. Plus, just because I look strong doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong.
  12. You have the ability to block unwanted visions from your eyes, but you are unable to block unwanted emotions from your heart.
  13. The love that gives up alcohol and smoking because he doesn’t like it, not because you respect his health.
  14. Love, caring, and supporting one another are the cornerstones of a friendship. Because they give us the same, our friends are the ones who deserve our care the most. Your social media accounts are the ideal venues for you to assist your friend, so you don’t have to limit these acts of kindness to in-person interactions. Make your friend happy by using these thoughtful friend statuses that we have written for you.
  15. Take off with wit. Win with honor. Use caution when handling.
  16. Respect and caring are all that are needed for a strong friendship—a lot of talking is not necessary.
  17. Friendship is the only relationship in this give-and-take world where we choose to give without expecting anything in return.
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500+ Best Emotional 2 lines heart broken shayari in hindi Emotional Sad Shayari in Hindi Heart broken Shayari
  1. Friend, you can always count on me to be by your side no matter what happens in life.
  2. Building each other up is a mutually responsible aspect of friendship.
  3. The greatest blessing of all is having a true friend, who we take the least care of in order to obtain.
  4. Friendship is not a business venture; rather, it is an act of selfless love, care, respect, and honor.
  5. A genuine and compassionate friend doesn’t need to say much; a quick text will suffice since the heart is what truly communicates, not the mouth.
  6. A sense of community cannot exist without compassion.
  7. Be careful to choose what you want, or you’ll be compelled to accept what you are given.
  8. Sometimes we must find the courage to let go of what we love and care about, and other times we must fly for it.
  9. Loving and caring for oneself is one way to feel good about oneself.
  10. My companion…take good care of your mind.Know yourself, so that you can learn how to take care of yourself.
  11. Being indifferent is the simplest way to avoid getting hurt, but it’s also the hardest.
  12. You act in the person’s best interests when you care about them. even if you don’t like it.

Words have the power to comfort and console someone going through a trying time, reducing their suffering and agony.


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