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Islamic quotes about life Lord, have you given me more than I deserve? Even if you provide me with a million obstacles, I still have faith in you. Lord, I am extremely appreciative of all the music you have given me. I depend on you since you’ve helped me overcome so many obstacles.

Quotes from Islam in English

I'll wipe your hem with my tears.
Give me justice, O God, alone with my anguish.

I'll wipe your hem with my tears.
God is the only one who has exhibited justice.

Do not keep such a deep hatred within of you, my darling.
God does not reside in places where there is hatred in the heart.

As a human, I have an immense affection for hatred.
Even if people hate me, the person I love in my heart still loves me.

Consider me the link that binds you to me.
Without a doubt, God will answer your prayers.

Dhaaga Good morning, Samajh Tu Apni "Mannat" Ka Muje. I usually respond to your prayers.

Even now, we remain devoted to that country.
The fragrance of the country my master mentions

We continue to fear for our country.
The smell of the country always reminds me
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My wish is for paradise, and I no longer pray. 
Mixed people are lost.

Prayer is the path to paradise; the door is there.
I couldn't hold onto what I had grabbed from the ground.

It looks like the country is about to be pillaged.
These days, it appears like nobody is intelligent in government.
There is no possibility that the country will win.
The evil eye has increased in potency.

A little prayer has taught us a lot of things.
Rose's expression opens up.
Keep Allah in your remembrance.
Have you ever shook someone's head?
The mouth of the mute is given to us, and the words "Pardon all the transgressors of the Ummah; I have given Ramzan as a gift to the transgressors" are found in the Quran.

Whether you or I hold that secret is unknown to me.
"You own the Quran, Muhammad, and Jibril as well," said Allama Iqbal.

The first day of the day will see the holding of Namaz, which will ease our workload.

You adore me here because I have always protected you.
Who, finding our Lord close to him in our sorrow, expressed thankfulness to his Lord for his delight.

Stay close to God; excellent things have come from your prayers.

How much consolation does sobbing provide us?
Nobody has been heard by the world but Allah.

Do you think people are important?
Quom Pukry Gyi, also known as HR Hain Hussain

My travels never come to an end.
Arsh Hay Kahin Toor Hay Kahin Arsh

Hussain, you are not at home. You are not at home.
After you, Mgr. Zalmoon did not come back.
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Rahmaton cannot be a burden to our household
 if their dread of God is hollow in their hearts.

Yes, Yeh Bata Tujh Sy Milon Kahan, I must meet you.

Islamic Hajj Prayer

Take out and consume the putly on gharoor-0-beniyazi itni.
Analyze your perceptions and inner self.

The sky glows on a spot like that, where God is acknowledged.

When Karam takes possession of Aal-e-Nabi, everything happens just as it did previously.

I am content because of my generosity, yet my habit renders me powerless, and He crushes it daily with His mercy.
I don't mind God in this way, even if I don't believe in him.

There's a general discord in the air, yet the lamp is empty too.
What further proof does God offer for his honey?
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Islamic Shayari In Hindi | इस्लामिक शायरी​

जो बन्दूक की गोलियों को शज्जर से गिरने से रोकता है, 
वह मेरे घर को फूलों से आशीर्वाद देता रहेगा।

मुझे बताओ कि तुम भी एक मुसलमान हो, 
क्योंकि तुम सभी छोटे हो, और तुम सैयद, मिर्जा और अफगान भी हो।
तेरे प्यार का, दुरूद आप परहुं और खुद संवर जाऊं, 
अजीब फ़ैज़ है आक़ा (SAW)।

मुझे तुम पर दया है, और तुम्हें मुझ पर दया है, 
परन्तु मैंने महशर में ही छिपा रहना उचित समझा।

Islamic Shayari / Sher

You possess neither shame nor regret, sir.
What kind of life am I leading by making these mistakes?

When I was a child, what dreams did you have?
Neither prayer nor sin existed...

Shayed's family received understanding from Bachay as well.
At this point, Sehri Nahi Khatay hain jaag bhi jaatay hain!

Maula gave me this instruction to eat. What did you eat before we met?
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Please accept my thoughts before they break 
my heart because there is nothing in this world but God.

I have to live in God for the glory of God.
Don't use religion as an excuse to divide people into categories.

Urdu Shayari on Islam​

ب پہ آتی ہے دُعا بن کے تمنا میری
زندگی شمع کی صورت ہو خدایا میری

بنا کر فقیروں کا ہم بھیس غالبؔ
تماشائے اہلِ کرم دیکھتے ہیں
قتل حسین اصل میں مرگِ یزید ہے
اسلام زندہ ہوتا ہے ہر کربلا کے بعد

نازکی اس کے لب کی کیا کہیے
پنکھڑی اک گلاب کی سی ہے
خودی کا سر نہاں لا الہ الا اللہ
خودی ہے تیغ فساں لا الہ الا اللہ

دامن پہ کوئی چھینٹ نہ خنجر پہ کوئی داغ
تم قتل کرو ہو کہ کرامات کرو ہو
Essential torrent deti Hey, guru-o-bay, ko niyazi
For every group of God, there is no obligation.

Thoughts of thoughts obscure the origins of God.
They are in search of a means of subsistence 
and have no idea what that means.
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You packed the Muslims when you first purchased the mosque.
The mosque is full right now, but where are the Muslims?

I trade a lot, even with my pages.
which is equivalent to two lakhs rupees.
My heart is devoid of all love and shame.
The sight of a person this age makes Insaniyat feel ashamed.

Hello, Iqbal
Most of the time, following Namaz, people have not returned.
What is the purpose of Ameri's tree in the courtyard?
His aesthetic appears to be a product of the era.

Iblees should also be familiar with Sajda Khaliq.
Whom should I ask to receive the acceptance form from?
To my beloved Hazrat-e-Insaan, laughter came
O devil, bless yourself and curse me!

You never identify as a human being or an unbeliever.
What was your seat and where were you thinking when?

You cannot be a human being if your heart is not pure.
Your prayer will be more effective if you are ignorant of even the devils.
The person who saw the Kaaba-o-Quran was cushioned.
I'm wondering now, why did you give me such praise?

I'm concerned about you all the time.
It's easy, but it's not tough.
Give everything to the state; you're a Muslim.
Hey, let's see if this works
telling me there is no god there while I'm sitting in front of the mosque

The mosque is not a place of worship but rather the abode of God.
A disbeliever's heart contains no God.

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