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Jumma mubarak quotes – Regarding Facebook and WhatsApp. You may use our Jumma Mubarak captions for Facebook and Instagram photos to share your Friday adventures with your online audience. This is the perfect chance to enhance the ties of Muslim Brotherhood by blessing your loved ones and wishing them a joyful Jumma Mubarak.

Jumma mubarak shayari in English:

  • Happy Jumma to everyone! 🕌🙏
  • May you experience serenity on Jumma Mubarak. 🕊🕌
  • Mubarak, embrace the brightness of Jumma! 🌖🕌
  • Let us propagate religion and love on Jumma Mubarak. 💖🕌
  • I hope that Jumma brings you many blessings. 🕌🌈
  • Happy Jumma Mubarak! Savor every second. 😌⏳
  • May you have a wonderful Jumma. 🕌🙌
  • Keep the faith alive Jumma Mubarak. 🕌🔥
  • I hope your prayers come true this Jumma. 🕌🙏
  • Let’s express our gratitude on Jumma Mubarak. 🕌💖
  • Jumma Mubarak, may Allah’s blessings be upon you. 🕌🌟
  • Let us seek the compassion of Jumma Mubarak. 🕌🕊️
  • I hope you had a happy Jumma. 🕌😊
  • Together, let’s pray on Jumma Mubarak. 🕌🤲
  • Remain optimistic this Jumma. 🕌🌈
  • Let’s be considerate, Jumma Mubarak. 🕌💖
  • I hope you have a pleasant Jumma. 🔌🕊⸏
  • Let’s express our gratitude on Jumma Mubarak. 🕌🙏
  • I hope you have a bright Jumma. 🕌🌟
  • Let’s promote optimism, Jumma Mubarak. 🕌😊
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Jumma mubarak quotes - jumma mubarak dp

Jumma Mubarak quotes that you can share with your loved ones:

  1. 🙏 #JummaMubarak Happy Jumma! 🙏 We will always and now accept your prayers.
  2. On this holy day, let us give thanks and seek pardon. Cheers to Jumma!
  3. Jumma: Remembering the kindness and love of Allah. Best wishes to you and your family!
  4. I pray for love, blessings, and the consoling embrace of Allah’s almighty favor on this Friday. Cheers to Jumma! 💫🙏 #thankfulfriday
  5. Jumma: A day to spend in close communion with God and seclusion from the outer world. Jumma Mubarak, my buddies. 🎌🤝 #FaithfulFriday It’s a day for reflection and renewal on Friday. To everyone, a happy Jumma.
  6. I wish you a serene, affectionate, and contemplative Friday. Cheers to Jumma!
  7. It is in Jumma’s tranquility that I find my peace. Cheers to Jumma! 🙏❤️ #peacefulfourth
  8. Feelings of Friday: gratitude, reflection, and faith. Cheers to Jumma! Happy #ThankfulFriday! 🌞🙌
  9. To all of you, a happy Jumma. This Friday, may Allah offer us favor and grant our wishes by relieving all of our hardships!
  10. Cheers to Jumma. Every Friday, may the Lord richly bless you and your family!
  11. A day full with blessings and compassion. Be happy, fortunate, and pleased. Cheers to Jumma.
  12. O Allah, please pardon me for all of my sins—both great and minor, obvious and concealed—from the start to the finish. Cheers to Jumma!
  13. Salaamu alikum to every individual. May you have a beautiful and joyful day by the grace of Allah (SWT). To everyone of you, happy Ramadan!
  14. I am grateful to Allah for all of my possessions and benefits. Cheers to Jumma!
  15. Have patience if you are going through a difficult period! Allah will come up with an unimaginable answer for your issue. Simply pray and have faith. Have the most amazing day ever, Jumma!
  16. O Allah (SWT), our Almighty! Please grant us good in this life as well as the next, and spare us the agony of fire. Cheers to Jumma.
  17. May your Jumma be as beautiful as your spirit, I hope. 💖 #FridayBlessings and Happy Jumma!
  18. restoring my trust and spirit this Jumma. To everyone of you, happy Jumma! 🌼🤲 #HappyFriday 🌟
  19. A Muslim’s brother is a Muslim as well. He never betrays her, never lies to her, and never fails her at trying times. Cheers to Jumma!
  20. Fridays are filled with joy, supplication, deference, and affection. Please remember me in your prayers. Cheers to Jumma!
  21. Recall that every loss incurred by one of Allah’s servants is rewarded by Allah. Cheers to Jumma.
  22. A Muslim’s brother is a Muslim as well. He never betrays her, never lies to her, and never fails her at trying times. Cheers to Jumma!
  23. Almighty Allah gives the order, “O believers! dread Allah. And contemplate what each soul has planned for the next day. Cheers to Jumma Mubarak!
  24. Offer up prayers for others before yourself. Remember this as you give Friday prayers.
  25. There is no rest or tranquility apart from Allah. Cheers to Jumma!
  26. O Allah, give me the insight and understanding that will help me go on. Cheers to Jumma!
  27. Fridays are filled with joy, supplication, deference, and affection. I beg you to remember me in your prayers. Cheers to Jumma!
  28. He led us along the route I have always followed, and even now, on Fridays, we feel a deep longing in our hearts for him.
  29. Almighty Allah, pardon me of all my transgressions, great and small, past and present, apparent and concealed. Cheers to Jumma!
  30. Mubarak Jumma. When you have the opportunity to assist someone, please do it and feel content. Since Allah is using you to answer someone’s prayer!
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Jumma Mubarak Captions in English:

  • Think of every day as a chance to become a better Muslim. Cheers to Jumma!
  • The day of Rahmat-Jumma has come once more. May Allah bless you and your family and grant you kindness!
  • You will achieve mental tranquility if you conduct your life in accordance with the Quran and Hadith.
  • Jumma’s lesson is that you should never be by yourself. You have Allah on your side no matter what. 🤗🤲 #Happy Jumma!Allah is supporting you.
  • On this holy day, express love, recognize your blessings, and ask for forgiveness. #ApologyFriday 🌸🙌 Happy Jumma! 🌸
  • We make amends with Allah, and He puts everything right for us. Cheers to Jumma!
  • Continue producing high-caliber work. You don’t know what actions will get you into paradise.
  • Allah provides for all of our necessities. We tend to overlook it. Nevertheless, He gives us everything. He is really understanding.
  • Allah is able to hear our prayers even in situations where we are unable to articulate them. Cheers to Jumma!
  • I told Allah, “I detest life.” “Who told you to love life?” He answered. Life will be happy if you let me love. Cheers to Jumma!
  • Worshipping Allah alone is appropriate.
  • Ask Allah for guidance and blessings on this holy day. Cheers to Jumma! #Blessed by Allah 🌅🤝
  • It’s Friday at last! It appeared as though it had come one week later! Cheers to Jumma!
  • Why does Friday appeal to me so much? Since it fills me with immense happiness. Cheers to Jumma!
  • In Allah’s name, we praise Him, beseech Him for assistance, and beg for pardon.
  • Nobody can deceive someone whom Allah directs, and nobody can deceive someone whom Allah permits to wander.
  • Tell the truth! Allah is aware of our hearts. Cheers to Jumma!
  • There is just one God, Muhammad, and he is His messenger.
  • It is usual, according to Ibn al-Qayyim, to dress to impress on the day of Jumu’ah.
  • Let Jumma’s tranquility calm your heart; accept it. Cheers to a quiet Friday! 🌼🤲 #jumma
  • I made the decision to attempt living in accordance with Islam because I thought it was the proper way to live.
  • It’s a new day today. Alhamdulillah at the conclusion and Bismillah at the beginning.

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Here are some Jumma Mubarak wishes in English:

  1. You could have sinned a lot. But one teardrop from you may wash them all away! Cheers to Jumma.
  2. May Allah shower you and your family with his everlasting blessings on this wonderful day. Cheers to Friday!
  3. My close companion, I pray that you have an amazing Jumma Mubarak and that you utilize this day to express your appreciation and celebrate Allah’s love. Cheers to Jumma!
  4. I pray you have a happy and blessed Jumma. I want Allah to richly reward you and grant you contentment on this momentous day!
  5. Their skin tones resemble brothers’ even though they were raised by separate moms. That is Islam’s magnificence. Cheers to Jumma.
  6. To you, Jumma Mubarak, and to you. May Allah always preserve our thankfulness for all of His benefits and keep our hearts and minds receptive to His demands.
  7. Happiness for a Muslim is Allah’s most cherished act. So kindly give me a grin in return!
  8. On the day of Jumma, every Muslim is really joyful. I hope this Jumma has greater significance for you. May all of your desires be granted and may Allah (SWT) hear your prayers. Cheers to Jumma!
  9. Happy Jumma, my beloved companion. I pray that you use this day to worship and give thanks to Allah. Cheers to Jumma.
  10. We firmly swear to our Lord in the word of witness that we will continue to live as followers of Him for the rest of our life. Cheers to Jumma!
  11. My desire for you is, “May you be among those who receive the benefits and blessings of Jumma prayers.” Cheers to Jumma.
  12. People who act aggressively and beyond bounds dislike Allah (SWT). Then we need to be united and cooperative rather than divisive and hurtful. Cheers to Jumma!
  13. Get to the mosque early for Friday prayers to win an extra prize worth the price of a camel. Cheers to Jumma!
  14. Although we are connected to Allah every day, today is more significant than any other day. May Allah shower you with his blessings on Jumma Mubarak.
jumma mubarak quotes

Jumma Mubarak Quotes

  • Cheers to Jumma! On the day of Jumma, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) spoke these words: “Jumma is the day of Eid, created by Almighty Allah.” – Ibn Majah
  • Cheers to Jumma. Attend the Jumma prayers on time to receive a reward equivalent to a camel’s sacrifice. – 929 in the Bukkari Sahih
  • Life changes to Hajj, the week adjusts to Friday, and the year adjusts to Ramadan. – Imam Ibn al-Qayyim
  • The five daily prayers and the prayers from one Jumu’ah to the next atone for any transgression, provided that no grave sin has been committed. Islamic Sahih, Volume 233
  • When Friday comes, angels sit at the door of the mosque and keep track of who attends Friday prayers. After that, the angels wrap their scrolls and the Imam appears. – Al-Huraira (Abu-Allahu Anhu)
  • There is a time on this day when no Muslim stands and offers Namaz and does not ask Allah to give him what he wants. And to emphasize how brief that time was, the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) made a hand gesture. Al-Bukhari, 893
  • Do not choose Friday for Qiyaam (night vigil prayer) or Friday among all other days for fasting, except those nights to which each of you has become accustomed. – Radi-Allahu Anhu, Ya Abu Hurairah
jumma mubarak quotes

Jumma Mubarak Messages

  1. Nobody will ever be happy if they do not acknowledge the benefits in their life. Forever in your life, give thanks to Allah. Cheers to Jumma!
  2. For you, Prophet Muhammad (SAW) prayed and wept. On the Day of Judgment, he will pray on your behalf. Isn’t it amazing? Cheers to Jumma!
  3. Are you experiencing fatigue? Invoke Allah in your prayers. Tell him anything that’s causing you distress. More than you anticipate will be yours.
  4. On this Jumma, all I want for is Allah’s blessings and a long, happy, healthy, and peaceful life. I wish you luck on Friday.
  5. Kings and farmers bow together to thank God only in Islam. Cheers to Jumma!
  6. May you be one of those who experience the benefits and blessings of Friday prayer as Friday shines in the hearts of believers.
  7. Hello, dear friend, I send you my best wishes for Jumma Mubarak and hope that you enjoy this wonderful day by being grateful and worshiping Allah. Happy Jumma ul-Barak.
  8. The best deed is to remember Allah and only good deeds make life sweet. May blessings be upon you like this. Happy Jumma.
  9. O Allah, we only seek your help and obey you as your subjects would. Lead us on the right path. Point us to those who have received blessings from You, and not to those who have committed mistakes or suffer punishment. Happy Jumma.

Islam provides a comprehensive lifestyle, with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) serving as one of its primary role models. He observed this day personally and proclaimed Jumma to be the Muslim Eid every week. The Day of Resurrection is observed on a Friday, which is one of the reasons why this day is significant to this faith. It is crucial to commemorate this day, send pals Jumma Mubarak SMS messages, and exchange Jumma greetings and wishes as a consequence. Any of the gorgeous Jumma Mubarak images included in this post are welcome to be used as your Jumma Mubarak cover photo or background. Additionally, you may change the Jumma Mubarak display picture (DP) on Facebook or WhatsApp.


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