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Good night love shayari – After a demanding workday or routine, you want to make sure the person you love is secure and comfortable in their bed and ready to go to sleep. It’s much sweeter when a loved one sends you a good-night greeting. It’s soothing and cozy to have these words said to us before bed. Why are you hesitant, then? Send your loved ones a good night message on WhatsApp to express your affection. If you’re seeking for the ideal WhatsApp status for the evening to share with your loved ones, we got it here.

Good night love shayari in Hindi:

  1. Good luck with your evening. Rest well.
  2. I wish you a peaceful night’s sleep.
  3. I hope the stars and moon soothe you to sleep.
  4. I’m hoping you have a good night’s sleep.
  5. I hope you have lovely dreams tonight.
  6. I hope your evening goes well. Sweet dreams. Exercise caution. I’ll catch you later.
  7. I wish you a good night’s sleep, enjoyable dreams, and a happy morning.
  8. Let this amazing evening carry you away to a realm of beautiful dreams. Good luck with your evening.
  9. The doctor says you should get lots of sleep and have a nice chuckle. Good luck with your evening.
  10. Good night. I had a restful sleep and smiled when I got up.
  11. Always end the day with gratitude and hope in your heart. Good luck with your evening.
  12. Enjoy your life according to your own rules, regardless of what other people think of you. Good luck tonight!
  13. Good night, and I hope you get some rest. You’re done with the test you took today since you passed it. Now take a few breaths and relax.
  14. I hope everyone has a wonderful evening, enjoyable dreams, and sound sleep.
  15. Rest well, for tomorrow is a new day full with opportunities.
  16. A guy who rises early and retires early becomes healthy, affluent, and intelligent.
  17. Sweet dreams will always come true as long as your heart is sincere. Good luck with your evening.
  18. I’ll kiss you in my dreams tonight if you can make it there. I hope your evening goes well.
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5000+ Best good night love shayari good night quotes good night photo good night image good night quotes

Some funny good night WhatsApp statuses:

  • Stay away from the boogeyman under your bed. I hope your evening goes well.
  • It is time for you to retire to bed if you have had enough of spending the day relaxing.
  • I want to appear in your dreams this evening; you should witness amazing things.
  • You should be able to see when the moon shines, not when the sun rises. Go to bed!
  • The claim that you should sleep for eight hours a day was untrue. Even after fifteen hours of sleep, I’m still exhausted.
  • Text me if you’re having problems going asleep, or contact me if you’re having nightmares. I’m going to kick all of your bad dreams. I hope your evening goes well.
  • It’s no mean art, sleeping demands you to stay alert during the day.
  • Please, mind, please stop thinking so much at night. I need to go to sleep.
  • It’s time to greet the dream realm and wish the actual world goodnight.
  • Wash not just your face but also your feet! It’s time to get back to bed. Good luck with your evening.
  • Now that you’ve seen enough of this awful world, you really ought to close your eyes.
  • Dream like a king and don’t allow the size of your bed stop you. I hope your evening goes well.
  • Your energy for the next day is something you invest in by getting enough sleep. Good luck with your evening.
  • I don’t want to cuddle up with my pillow in bed, therefore it’s unhappy with me. Good luck with your evening.

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5000+ Best good night love shayari good night quotes good night photo good night image good night quotes

Romantic good night WhatsApp statuses that you can use to make your loved ones feel special before they go to bed:

  1. I’ll dream about you tonight, just as I do every other night.
  2. I shall always adore you, even when I wake up tomorrow.
  3. Before going to bed each night, you are the last person I think about.
  4. Even when love keeps you awake at night, your love calms me and makes it easier for me to sleep.
  5. My affection for you just deepens when I turn in for the night.
  6. I would have preferred to hold you close to me rather than simply expressing myself. Good luck with your evening.
  7. May the angels watch over my queen as she sleeps. My dear, good night.
  8. I hope your evening goes well. I wish for you to awaken to a dream so beautiful it brings tears to your eyes.
  9. It’s daytime ending and getting close to night, but you have my undying love now and forever.
  10. I cannot close my eyes in my fantasies without you. Good luck with your evening.
  11. Have a good night, my love! I wish you a pleasant, quiet, and relaxing evening.
  12. Your brilliant smile brightened my entire night, and I can’t stop smiling in my dreams now. I treasure you. Good luck with your evening.
  13. I wish I could be there to give you a big embrace instead of simply saying “good night” with love.
  14. I dreamed of making love to you many times. More than any individual on the globe, I hate sunrises.

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Inspirational good night WhatsApp statuses:

  • Before going to bed, consider good thoughts.
  • While you sleep, your body and spirit can be revitalized.
  • Before you go to sleep, resolve to be the best version of yourself when you wake up.
  • As you sleep, cherish every dream you see.
  • Motto: Close your eyes and turn in. When you dream, keep your eyes open.
  • Tomorrow is the one day in which you are always granted another opportunity at life. Good luck with your evening.
  • You are happier than most people if you get a good night’s wish from someone every single day.
  • Shadows are not dangerous; they are only a sign that light is close by. Good luck with your evening.
  • A guy should let go of his anger ideally before turning in for the night.

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5000+ Best good night love shayari good night quotes good night photo good night image good night quotes

Here are some good night WhatsApp statuses in Hindi:

  1. आपकी रात्री शुभ हो मेरे दोस्त! आपका कल का दिन मंगलमय हो।
  2. मुझे उम्मीद है कि बंद आंखों और खुली आंखों से देखे गए आपके दोनों सपने सच होंगे।
  3. अपना जीवन पूरी तरह से जीने के लिए सोएं और जागें।
  4. गुड नाइट दोस्तो। आशा है कि कल आपके दरवाजे पर अवसर लेकर आएगा।
  5. मुझे आशा है कि आप हल्के दिमाग और गर्म दिल के साथ सोएंगे।
  6. दोस्त। जब कल आये तो मुझे जगा देना.
  7. अच्छी नींद लें और बड़े सपने देखें, दोस्त, क्योंकि कल किसी बड़ी चीज़ की शुरुआत है।
  8. आप जैसा मित्र पाकर सचमुच बहुत अच्छा लगता है जिस पर मैं हमेशा भरोसा कर सकता हूँ। शुभरात्रि अच्छी तरह से नींद लें।
  9. जैसे ही दिन ख़त्म हो, अपनी सभी चिंताओं और परेशानियों को दूर फेंक दें। खूबसूरत सपनों से भरी एक आनंदमय रात हो।
  10. आज के सपने कल हकीकत बनेंगे। इस शांतिपूर्ण रात में आरामदायक नींद लें! शुभ रात्रि दोस्त!
  11. आपका मित्र होना अद्भुत है! आज रात, क्या आप अपने ख़ाली समय का आनंद ले सकते हैं!
  12. ठीक उसी तरह जैसे रात में क्षितिज दिखता है, हमारी दोस्ती मेरे रोजमर्रा के जीवन में चरित्र और ग्लैमर की भावना जोड़ती है।
  13. हमारी जैसी सच्ची दोस्ती इस दुनिया की सारी दौलत से बढ़कर है। हम कभी अलग न हों. शुभ रात्रि।
  14. आप जैसी खूबसूरत आत्मा को शुभ रात्रि, आशा है कि आप अपनी सुबह और दिन की शुरुआत करने के लिए तरोताजा और स्वस्थ उठेंगे! रात बेबी!
  15. अधिक गपशप करने के लिए क्योंकि हर चीज के बारे में गपशप करने के लिए रातें सबसे अच्छा समय है। अब शुभ रात्रि, चलो कल गपशप करते हैं।
  16. मेरा साथ देने के लिए धन्यवाद. अपनी नींद में सबसे प्यारे सपने देखें। शुभ रात्रि।
  17. मुझे आशा है कि आप घर पहुँच गये होंगे; आपके साथ रहना एक प्यारी शाम थी। अच्छी नींद लें, शुभ रात्रि!
  18. शुभ रात्रि दोस्त! जल्दी सो जाओ ताकि तुम जल्दी उठ सको और हम एक-दूसरे को देख सकें।
  19. अपनी आत्माओं को कल के सपनों से पुनर्जीवित होने दें। मेरे सभी अनमोल दोस्तों को शुभ रात्रि की शुभकामनाएँ!

Even a simple “good night” can have calming and restorative effects on the evening. Send your loved ones uplifting and tranquil sentiments by using it as your WhatsApp status. Select from a variety of night statuses, such as brief and generic comments, to deliver your message.


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